Report in text and photos

See the report on the work of the Mayor Dimitar Nikolov and his team for the mandate 2011-2015 in text and photos.

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All neighbourhoods are perfect!

100% grant for eligible buildings. Strengthening the building. Renovation of the common parts of the building.

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Проект на новата транспортна схема

Проект на новата транспортна схема на градския транспорт на обществени обсъждания в цялата община.

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Burgas Municipality opened a separate counter of "Vacation and Spa Expo 2016"

Bourgas municipality will have its own counter of the largest tourist forum in Bulgaria called "Vacation and Spa Expo." It gatheres the tourist business representatives of Bulgaria and abroad. 33rd forum edition will be held from 11th to 13th February…

Burgas young poets sing of love

"Love is blind - It looks not with the eyes but with the soul" is the motto of musical poetry evening organized by the Municipal Children's complex that Burgas and the "P. K. Yavorov" Regional Library. The event is dedicated to February 14th - Valentine's…



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