They open the flora exhibition "Flora'2017" on Friday at 11.30 am * One of the art installations will be on the ... ceiling  

The municipaliti of Burgas invites all its residents and guests to the official opening of the flora exhibition"flora 2017"tomorrow,friday at 11.30 am.The ceremony will be interesting,and then you can enjoy a huge variety of exhibits.there is no way to not find your plant here because more than 90 companies are partivipating in the show.On the pictures you see haw today the Florist Association works on one of the colorful art intalations that you will have to look with eyes facing upwards as it will hang over the heads of the visitors.Three-dimensional fairy and hobby house are part of other art installations that will attract you attention.Besides,in the new edition we will see an exotic prepatory plant from the botanical garden in Sofia,aromatic…

Municipality of Burgas builds over 200 free parking spaces in "Slaveykov"

Two large and new free parking places the Burgas Municipality currently in Slaveikov residental complex.These are interloching spaces on the 58th and 59th and 59th and 60th blocks. The first one will be with a capacity of 114 parking spaces in front of block 59 and the second between block 59 and 60 will have a total of 100 parking spaces.

Early next week begins registration in kindergartens and day nurseries.

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Some of the finalists in the school games have become known

After the end of the stage of the school games,the school team,who will fight for the title of Republican champion of Bulgaria for the school year 2016/2017,became clear.

In Vitro Center of UMBAL Burgas celebrated 5 years with dozens of children and happy mothers

Dozens of smiles of the children conceived in the in-vitro center of the University-Hospital in Burgas,illuminated the "Geogi Baev"Hall at the Sea Casino last night.The babies were special guests at the fifth anniversary of the Hospital Assisted Reproduction Unit.The youngest of them is a boy of four years and three month,and the youngest was born only a few months ago.the good news is that there are still many new cirizens on the way,because many of the patients are pregmant,some with twins. "I am glad that 5 years ago we showed stubbornness and stubbornness  by insisting that burgas will have an Assisted Reproduction Unit,and today we have 90 births, which are our prous Burgas pride said Mayor Dimitar Nikolov,who was among the official…

Five days of fun, dance and sports of the Youth Cultural Center, on the occasion of the European Youth Week

From 3 to 7 May,the Youth Cultural Center-Burgas will become a cultural and information platform for young people,supporting the eight edition of The european Youth week. The program includes karaoke parties,folklore,dancing,and masterclasses for painting,Cango Jumps,Drawing.

"AquaCalide" Tourist Complex extends the term for the children's fairy tale competition

By May 20th,the deadline for the acceptance of the works in the Children's creative Fairy tale"AquaCalide"is extended.It can include children aged 10 to 13 years.The competition aims to popularize among the children's audience the legend of the healing power of the hot springs at Akva Calide,which have attracted people from near and far throught their millennial history.the finalists will be announced on 1st of June,Childrens's day.Special prizes are provided for the winners.