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Deputy Mayor Ruska Boyadjieva presented the eco projects of our Municipality at a specialized forum

One of the most serious commitments of Municipality of Burgas are focused on the health of the people, the quality of life and the protection of the environment. This was stated by the Deputy Mayor Ruska Boyadzhieva at a forum organized by the oil company…

Use the modern underground waste containers at Jeni Pateva Square * The old ones are out of order in this area

Those who are living in the area of Jeni Pateva Square in Burgas will now dispose of their household waste in modern underground containers.The facilities are already installed and tomorrow 07.06.2017.everyone will bw able to use them.They will no llonger…

The pelicans took their new Bourgas lodges

This week, there was great joy in the 'Salt of Life' project, LIFE + because the platforms that were built in November are occupied by dozens of pelicans.    

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