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D-r Loris Manuelyan
Deputy maoyor "Health care, social affairs and sports"
tel. 056 907 271

26 Alexandrovska Str.
fl. 3, room 308

News from Health care and preventions

In Vitro Center of UMBAL Burgas celebrated 5 years with dozens of children and happy mothers

Dozens of smiles of the children conceived in the in-vitro center of the University-Hospital in Burgas,illuminated the "Geogi Baev"Hall at the Sea Casino last night.The babies were special guests at the fifth anniversary of the Hospital Assisted Reproduction…

Mayor Nikolov greeted the health workers for their professional holiday

Mayor Dimitar Nikolov greeted the health workers in Burgas,on the occasion of The World Health Day - April 7th:   "Dear ladies and gentlemens,   I'm asking you to accept my sincere greetings on the occassion of your professional feast April…

Doctors will give free medical examinаtions and consultations on the "Health Zone" exhibition this weekend

The full program of the exhibition can be found on Facebook:, and on the website of the Institute for Health Education:    

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