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D-r Loris Manuelyan
Deputy maoyor "Health care, social affairs and sports"
tel. 056 907 271

26 Alexandrovska Str.
fl. 3, room 308

News from Health care and preventions

Municipality's campaign aims to clarify how to prevent tuberculosis

On March 24th on the occassion of World Tuberculosis Day from 10.00 AM to 12.00 AM an information brochures were distributed by volunteers from"J.J.Cool A"-youth club and Bulgarian Youth Red Cross.

Help for the treatment of Hristo Tonev - a student at Commercial High School in Burgas

Hristo Tonev has developed a severe vision disease he and needs a costly operation in Belgium clinic.       Anyone who wants and is able to help the family can do it by donating the sum of:IBAN: BG 77 IORT 7378 1000 9104 00BIC: IORTBGSFINVESTBANKNikolina…

1st grade pupils from "Knyaz Boriz I"primary school composed healthy menus

1st grade pupils from"Knyaz Boris I" took part of the competition,focused on a healthy way of life.The event was part of the programme of Municipality Burgas-"Eat reasonably,live healthy".

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