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The agriculture function is one of the structures defining for the region. This is further to the plane
relief, climate, fertile soil, as well as the traditions of
the population.
The climate and soil conditions and the traditions in the agriculture have defined the specialty in the region of production of cereal culture (wheat and barley), sunflower, vine-growing, fruit-growing. There is a decreasing tendency the cultivated areas, but this is slower than the tendency in the country.

In the region the farming is also fairly well developed.
It is characterized with broad specialization and with broad specilization and availability of some agrarian productions like the drowing of aqua cultures, ostriches, rabbits, etc.

The district has potential for agriculture development because of the extremely favorable factors. Thee perspectives for agriculture are related with two factors:

  • the market of agriculture production
  • the intentions of the farmers

After 2000 year the agriculture production and structure are more and more influenced by the market situation. The market environment defines the following specialization:

  • production of fresh vegetables, fruits, milk, meat, eggs, sausages, dairies, wines

production of products with high endurance and fitted for export - sausages, cheeses, wines, flour, canned food.