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Tuesday, 4 July 2023
Posted by: Камер Ахмедов

Project acronym: RE-SKIN

Project website:

The project aims to develop a multifunctional package capable of transforming an existing, energy-intensive building into a modern, efficient and, above all, sustainable structure. Integrating ICT, renewable energy, sustainable materials, and new-generation installations, RE-SKIN offers a holistic and systemic solution for the energy retrofit and smart upgrade of residential, commercial and public buildings. The system’s special configuration and flexibility make it suitable for application all over Europe.

Specific objectives: 
► To Develop Sustainable and Circular-Economy-Based Systemic Solutions for Building Renovation;
► To Upgrade State-of-the-art Technologies for Their Systemic Integration;
► To Promote Circular Economy Approach in Building Retrofit;
► To Improve RES Affordability;
► Contribute to Standardisation and Certification Activities;
► Make the Building Resilient to Climatic-Environmental Emergencies;
► Promoting the Architectural Quality of Retrofit Interventions.

Project activities:
♦ Developing sustainable and circular economy based system solutions for building renovation;
♦ Promoting a circular economy approach to building renovation;
♦ Development of an integrated and multifunctional energy retrofit system for existing buildings;
♦ Demonstration renovation of municipal building.

Status: In progress (01.01.2023 – 30.06.2026)

Expected outputs:
√ will produce 16 different exploitable products at Technology readiness level 7 or 8, thus close to the marketability, that can be installed as a holistic kit or as groups of subcomponents;
√ will also produce 4 different exploitable procedures/methodologies, aimed at supporting the application of the above-listed products;
√ will subsequently demonstrate the technical and methodological results in 4 representative case study buildings,;

Budget of Burgas Municipality: 580 637,03 BGN

Contract  № 101079957

Duration: 42 months

Funded by: Horizon Europe 2021-2027 programme

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