Events from: Wednesday, 5 September 2018


Program for the Bourgas celebration of 133 years of Unification

Festival celebrations in Bourgas on the occasion of the 133rd anniversary of the Unification will start on September 6th at 10:00 am at "Atanas Sirekov" square with ritual of raising the national flag of the Republic of Bulgaria, the flags of the European Union and the Municipality of Bourgas. At 10:30 am, a memorial prayer will be served in front of the Monument of the 24th Black Sea Infantry Regiment (to the Military Club-Bourgas) in memory of all the heroes, whether their lives in the struggle for the Unification of the Principality of Bulgaria with Eastern Rumelia. There will be wreaths and flowers of gratitude to all those who have fallen in the Serbian-Bulgarian War of 1885, which led to the Unification of Bulgaria. From 11:00 on "Atanas…

The attractive "Aquae Calidae" celebrates with a medieval fight tournament and fire show

On 15th September, Saturday, Touristic complex "Aquae Calidae" will celebrate with an interesting events, the begining is at 8:00 PM. Admission is free.

1950 pupils for 1st grade in Burgas this year

1st grade pupils will be divided 87 classes in 32 schools in Burgas. The school year will begin on 17th of September. A new Proffesional high school for computer programming and innovations and a new eco kindergarten "Pinokio" will be opened in Burgas for the new school year.


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