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Prominent Pediatricians from Pirogov Hospital Will held Preventive Examinations In Burgas On October 27th

Leading specialists from the "N.I Pirogov" University Emergency Hospital  will hold free prophylactic examinations of children in Burgas on the last Saturday of the month - October 27th, at the Local Hospital in the city .     The highly specialized examinations will be conducted after to make an appointment in advanced, which is starting today, at the telephone number of the Local Hospital - 056 810571, every day between 1:00 PM and 7:00 PM. Those wishing to register should write the child's names, age (up to 18 years) and to declare what kind of specialist they would like to meet - ENT, orthopedic or other. If the child has any tests and check ups already made or any other medical documentation the parent should bring…

Which are the poisonоus snakes in Bulgaria? - at The Natural Science Museum, this Saturday

The educational program of The Regional Museum of History, will present the lecture "The poisonous snakes in Bulgaria". Author is the curator - biologist Bozhana Ribarova. Lectures will be presented at The Natural Science museum in Burgas(30 K.Fotinov Street) every Saturday, from 11:30 AM. Admission is for adults - 2lv., for pupils and pensioners - 1lv.

The Community Centers in Burgas present their activities by holding a special Saturday festival

The Community Centers in the city do not work formally and they will convince you if you respond to their invitation. The event is called "From the root to the boundless dimension".  It will be held after 10:30 at  Flora Expo Center.    

Access to healthcare and prevention is provided by the Bulgarian-Swiss project

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Nasty theft left Burgas without part of the flood risk management system / VIDEO /


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