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They recorded on the memorial plate the names of 300 Burgas military heroes, officially opened it on Saturday

On November 3rd (Saturday), at 11.30 am, at the monument to the Military Club - Burgas will be held a ritual for the opening of a memorial plaque with the names of the 24th Black Sea Infantry Regiment and the military ritual - the wreath of the wreaths and flowers on Arhangelova (male) sucking. The initiative for writing the names of the perished citizens of Burgas in the wars for national unification 1912 - 1918 is the municipal councilor and chairman of VMRO - Burgas - Georgi Drakaliev. The idea to be written precisely on the patrimony of the 24th Black Sea Infantry Regiment is to Mitko Ivanov - chairman of the Association of Burgas artists. After receiving a written consent for the reconstruction of the monument by the Minister of Defense…

Talented children were awarded in the competition "The sea is not for a one holiday"

At the official ceremony in Cultural center "Sea casino" the nominated pupils at the National Drawing Competition, computer animation and photography- "The sea is not for a one holiday" were awarded. The awards were given by  the official guests - Prof. Sevdalina Turmanova, Ruska Boyadzhieva and Desislava Konsulova. The exhibition with the works made by the talented pupils from all over the country, will be expose in Cultural center "sea casino", where they will be available for visitors until 2nd of November.

Five interesting exhibitions you should see in November in Burgas

In the autumn of November, the city art galleries will present five picturesque exhibitions, which can be seen by the citizens of Burgas and the city. See when and where you can do this:   PROGRAM OF ART GALLERIES IN THE CITY OF BURGAS NOVEMBER 2018 YEARS   1 - 14 November Exhibition painting Author: Boris Zhelev Bourgas Gallery 13, Aboba Str   7 November - 2 December Exhibition by Andrei Yanev "Dimensions - Essences", watercolor gallery "Nesi" Alexandrovska Street / 3 Khan Krum Str   8 - 30 November Watercolor exhibition Author: Georgi Bustangiev Spring Gallery 32, Lermontov Str   November 14 - December 12 Exhibition painting Author: Vesko Radulov Bourgas Gallery 13, Aboba Str   November Exhibition from the National…

On the weekend, at the latest on Monday, the new municipal parking lot on Maria Luisa Blvd will be opened for free use

On the weekend, at the latest on Monday, the new municipal parking lot on Maria Luisa Blvd will be opened for free use. The seats in it are over 130. Of these, 6 are for cars of disabled people. The mark is currently in place. It is tailored to the needs of residents of the neighboring block of Burgas, with corridors shaped to their entrances. Do not park on them so people can get in and out of their homes! In addition to completing the markings and some minor details, it remains to be dug in the flower gardens in front of the block of flats - a task that the Municipality is performing today and in the coming days. To maximize the capacity of the new parking, the traffic through it is organized one way. Otherwise, the access is two-sided, through…

A round table for the "Cultural-historical heritage of Black sea" was held today in Burgas

A newspaper "Standart" organizes round table collaboratively with researchers, ecologists, citizens and institution, to discuss the saving of the cultural - historical heritage of Black sea.

What is Via Pontica you will learn from the 3 November Museum Lecture

There is no Borzalie who has not heard of Via Pontica. Some connect it to the Black Sea, others to the archaeological evidence from the region. Most often, people think of the flock of birds that flew over the city every spring and autumn. Indeed Via Pontica is called the second largest bird migration route in Europe. What are the species that fly over it, how many migrates, why do bird lovers from all over Europe visit our Black Sea coast? You will receive an answer to all these questions on 3 November at 11.30 am at the Natural History Museum (30, K. Fotinov Str.) Where Assoc. Prof. Svetla Dalakchieva will deliver the public Black Sea Migration Path to the public. The entrance fee is preferential - for adults it is 2 leva and for students…


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