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Aquae Calide's Art-and-Facts Workshop awaits kids on the first Sunday of November

In its "Art-and-Facts" edition on November 4th, Aquae Calidae Tourist Complex has prepared two new challenges for children aged from 3 to 12 years old.     In the upcoming Sunday at 11:00 am, the young artists will create a children's canvas of waste materials with animal images on retro floral background.    

Mayor Nikolov: Today we honor those who sow freedom in our hearts and minds

On the Day the Leaders of the Bulgarian National Revival the mayor Dimitar Nikolov congratulates all teachers, priests, writers, journalists, people of science and art - all heirs of those great Bulgarians whom we honor on this date.     "Happy celebration for all of you! I rely on the modern leaders of the Bulgarian National Revival to continue to dress up the self-esteem of the citizens of Burgas as knowledgeable and capable people!"     Dimitar Nikolov" MAYOR OF BURGAS MUNICIPALITY    

"Mary Boys Bend" with an acoustic concert on the new stage against the Clock

The beloved "Mary Boys Band" band in Burgas will present the new single from "Happy Days" - "The Two With You", with an acoustic concert in the hometown of the Day of the People's Buddhists. Live songs from the albums "Unknown Streets", "Only for You", "The Long Way to Home" will be played live. Everyone present will be able to get an autograph album. Welcome on 1 November (Thursday) at 6 pm on the new open stage BULEVART ( against the Clock. Music guest of Mary and Miro will be Ilian Djankov. It is on his idea that this new, beautiful open stage is built in the heart of Bourgas. The "Two With You" Acoustic Concert will be the first of a series of guest events under the BULEVART project of Burgas Municipality. The…

Mobile medical teams help elderly people in Burgas Municipality

Mobile medical teams help elderly people and people with disabilities who benefit from the services of the Domestic Social Patronage in Burgas. The initiative has launched in the summer season. It is based on the idea of Mayor Dimitar Nikolov and is aimed to support elderly people who have no relatives and can not go to the hospital facilities in the city.    


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