Events from: Monday, 18 February 2019


The Unforgettable Lessons of the Apostle

  146 years after the hanging of Vasil Levski- the greatest national Bulgarian hero, we recall the lessons he taught us. On the 19th February at 6:00 PM the 11th graders, studying at the Trade High school, tutored by Emilian Delishmenov, will present an open lesson about the life and  deeds of the Apostle of Liberty, themed "Always by our side! The unforgettable lessons of the Apostle". The event will take place at the "Petia Dubarova" hall at the Cultural Centre "Sea Casino". The presentation is part of the programme of Burgas Municipality, dedicated to the anniversary of the death of the Apostle of Liberty.   146 years after the death of Vasil Levski   Programme   19 February (Tuesday) 11:30 AM Seaside park, monument…

"Living Chimneys"- an opening ceremony to "Sofia Film Fest - Na Brega"

The opening ceremony of "Sofia Film Fest- Na brega"  will be carried out by the latest film of Radoslav Spasov- "Living Chimneys" (awarded for best supporting female and male roles and music at the film festival "Golden Rose").  The film takes the viewer to a mountain village, inhabited by the intellectuals of the capital. A film about the love, that is left behind. Radoslav Spasov and the actors Maria Kotseva and Dimitar Kotsev will be present at the premiere in Burgas on 14th March.


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