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The Bulgarian visual artist Krasimir Marchev's premiere "Bird Trap"

The premiere will take place on the 19th of May 2019 at 7:00PM (19:00 o'clock) in The Opera House. The play tells the story of a bird - a puppet which has freed itself from the strings of its puppeteer. A short story about freedom as well as its absence, the eternal conflict between light and darkness. A breath-taking adventure through space and time.      You can purchase tickets at The Opera House at prices ranging from 16 to 20 leva.

Over 200 ships will dock at the same time in Burgas during the month of August 2019

Burgas will  host The European Championship  of building class "C" ship models. The judges will have to choose the best out of at least two hundred intricately assembled ships, divided in eight categories. This will be a great opportunity for the locals or any other fans of the sport to witness attractive historical and contemporary ship miniatures. Some of the models are priced at over one thousand euros. The exhibition will be held in Culture Center "Sea Casino". And that's just one of the numerous upcoming events  which will make your stay in Burgas worthwhile.      

The Municipality of Burgas is offering jobs to students of the English and Russian Language Schools

The Municipality of Burgas is offering jobs to the students of both the English Language School "Geo Milev" and the Russian Language School "Vasil Levski". The mayor Dimitar Nikolov proposed  the idea. The aim of the project is for the students attending these schools to make a step forward in building their future careers. Their primary task will be to translate the news articles in the Municipality's official site in English as well as in Russian. Besides the students' excellent language skills, their translations will beimproved, if necessary, by their teachers, who are also  part of the project. To get the project started, the a mutual agreement should be reached. The purpose of this project is to introduce different ways of professional…


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