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EXCITING!- The municipality of Burgas is hosting an exhibition of the personal weapons used by Levski, Botev, Zahari Stoianov and other legendary Bulgarian revolutionaries

By the invitation and initiative of the municipality of Burgas the exhibition "The Weapon of Freedom. The personal weapon of the functionaries of the national liberation movement" will be held on the first of March at 18:00 pm in the Sea Casino's "Kodzhafaliyata" hall. The sabers used by Hristo Botev, Velcho Atanasov and Hristo Ivanov "The Big One", the pistols of Dimitraki Petrovich, Ilyo Voivoda and Panayot Hitov, captain Nikola's musket, Zahari Stoianov's cleaver and Vasil Levski's knife are among the relics presented by The National Museum of Military History (NHHM), which will be brought to Burgas. Paintings of the Russo-Turkish war(1877-1878), the artists of which are Vereshvagin, Vascenov, Manizer, Polenov etc., will serve as "witnesses"…

"The Green Book" will be shown at " Sofia film fest on the shore"

The film "The Green Book" is part of the programme of "Sofia film fest on the shore". It has received three "OSCARs" - for Best Film, for supporting male role and for original script.   The production was inspired by true friendship, which manages to overcome racism and class division.   The two main characters - Tony and Don, have to face racism as well as many dangers. Their story has striking warmth, humanity and humour. Tony and Don manage to overcome the differences between themselves in order to survive, and go together through a journey, which they are going to remember forever. "The Green Book" will be shown on  March 15th at 8:15 PM.

The grand Spice music festival - 90`s edition in Burgas in August

  * The biggest celebrities of the 90s and their everlasting hits will sound at the bay of Burgas in the heat of the summer! The Municipality of Burgas is ready to make Burgas part of the biggest festival locations in Europe! This time - a thematic festival that will bring to Bulgaria the biggest music stars of the 90s!  SPICE MUSIC FESTIVAL - 90's edition  will gather up on our stage East 17, 2 Unlimited, REDNEX, Sonique, Dr. Alban, HADDAWAY, Cappella, La Bouche, SNAP!, 2 Brothers on the 4th floor, Ice MC and C+C MUSIC FACTORY  Whether you are a child of the 90s or not, you have certainly heard the hits of these artists, even if you do not know it…

7000 martenitzi will be given away by Burgas community centers

The culture club community of Burgas will be personally donating 7000 martenitzi in the name of health and well-being in local hospitals. The initiative will continue throughout the entire week. On the 1st of March, the people behind this event will brighten up the locals' day on this uplifting Bulgarian holiday. That's when Baba Marta will be handing out martenitzi in the center of Bulgaria's sea capital. To celebrate the imminent arrival of spring, one of the trees, adorning the local City Hall, will be decorated accordingly.    

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