Events from: Thursday, 28 February 2019


Baba Marta, Pizho and Penda will be giving martenitzi in Burgas

On 1st March children from the theatre group "Detsko Tzarstvo" at the Centre for Support of the Personal Development will be dressed up as Baba Marta, Pizho, Penda and their assistants to cheer up the citizens and guests of Burgas. They will recite poems on related topics and put martenitzi on people's hands. The items are hand-made by the kids from the Burgas's kindergartens, The Centre for Support of the Personal Development and the local organization "Morski Znatsi". The celebration will start at 12 o'clock at the South Bus Station and then the youngsters and their mentor Atanasia Petrova will be giving martenitzi to the people of Burgas at the Opera bus stop, too. Hurry up and come to get a martenichka and a blessing from Baba Marta herself.  …

Courageous ladies are taking part in the 23rd rally for women "Elena Apostolova"

Courageous ladies from Burgas will take part in the 23rd edition of the women rally "Elena Apostolova".  The traditional competition is named after its founder and it dates back to 2012. This year the rally will take place on 2nd March at METRO's parking lot in Burgas.  The event is organized by the Municipality of Burgas, CBA Burgas and the Automobile Sports Club "Elena Team" - the Apostolovis family. The competition will be very emotional and full of surprises for the participants.    

Burgas Municipality is Building Two New Car Parks in "Meden Rudnik"

Burgas Municipality is building two new car parks with a total of 80 parking spaces in "Meden Rudnik" neighbourhood. One of them is located on "Konstantin Petkanov" Street. It will consist of 30 parking spaces and it will contribute to reducing traffic congestion. Pedestrians will be facilitated by the reconstruction of the area. The second car park will have 50 parking spaces. The facility is being constructed in the area between 29th, 30th and 31st apartment blocks. The place has not been renovated until now. At the moment the terrain is being flattened and overlay is going to be put. The project includes pavement and green spots around the car park. The new parking lots already have street lighting and they are designed to be easy for approaching.…


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