Events from: Tuesday, 19 March 2019


A coastal alley will pass between the beach in "Kraymorie" and the private properties in its proximity

The Municipal surveyors placed the exact location and traced the future coastal alley, which will pass between the local beach of "Krajmorie" and the private properties in the area. Many of the private properties, which used to be fields, have been recovered to the owners. The way it has been distributed leaves the private property to end right before the beach. Taking public interest into consideration the municipality took away parts of the private properties, from the side of the beach. The maximum amount taken away was a quarter of the whole property. That leaves an opportunity for a green bolster with an alley between it and the beach curve. The position of the Municipality even had to be defended in court. The Burgas Municipality is very…

Dimitar Nikolov, mayor of Burgas, personally awarded the winners of the "We Love English" competition

Mayor Dimitar Nikolov awarded the children who achieved the best results at the student-level English language contest "We Love English". This is the first edition of said contest with the organiser being the Municipality of Burgas. 531 students from 28 schools participated in the competition. The deputy mayor of culture and education Yordanka Ananieva along with the head of the Regional Inspectorate of Education Violeta Ilieva and numerous municipal councillors all attended the awarding ceremony in sports centre "Boicho Brunzov".   "I am very pleased with the results because the students from Burgas presented themselves at a very high level. I am convinced that very soon Burgas will be a leader in our country with a high level of command…


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