Events from: Wednesday, 10 April 2019


The National Arts Academy Branch in Burgas is holding a competition for a student drawing

The competition for a student drawing is being held for the second time in connection to the newly opened branch of the National Arts Academy in Burgas where students are trained in the following disciplines - "Art of painting", "Fresco", "Graphics", "Book, illustration, print graphics", "Poster and visual communication", "Commercial design", "Fashion" and Master's program "Arttherapy". 1.Organisators: The Municipality of Burgas National Arts Academy - branch Burgas Gallery "Georgi Baev" 2. Age groups: The competition is available for all students who want to participate, who are being educated at school. The participants are divided into two age groups: -          First age group - 11th Grade -         …

The dates of the finals between "Neftochimic 2010" and "Hebar" in the Volleyball Super League were changed

The Burgas club management said that the initially announced dates for the matches in the National Super League Volleyball Championship between "Hebar" and "Neftohimik 2010" have been changed. The first and second matches are on April 15 and 16 / Monday and Tuesday / in Pazardzhik. Battle №3 and №4 are on 22nd of April /Monday/ from 19:30pm and on 23rd of April /Tuesday/ from 18:30pm in Mladost hall. If it comes down to a fifth game it will be on April 26 in Pazardjik. The penalty of the main tosser of "Neftohimik 2010" Georgi Bratoev has expired and the national team will be at the disposal of the coach Nikolay Zhelyazkov for the final matches against "Hebar" in which Burgas' team will pursue the third consecutive championship title.  …

Visit the lecture "Lazarovden - Tradition and modernity" on 13th April at the Ethnographic Museum

On the penultimate Saturday before Easter, Orthodox Christians celebrate Lazarovden. In 2019, the holiday will be celebrated on the 20th April. This is one of the most cheerful, the most poetic and the most popular Bulgarian customs. On Lazarovden, the young girls sing "Otvori chemshir porti, nevyastooo, che da vlyazat lazarki!". They put wicked clothes, tie wreath out of a willow branch and walk around the village. In Burgas, due to the presence of several ethnographic groups, the holiday is variable and colorful How it was celebrated in the past, how and is it being celebrated today, you will find out on April 13th at 11.30 am at the Ethnographic Museum on 69 Slavyanska Str. The author of the lecture "Lazarovden - Tradition and Contemporarity"…

Burgas was awarded as City of Knowledge

Burgas was awarded as City of Knowledge as part of the Darik Radio list Best city for Living for its politic and innovations in the field of education. The award was given to the mayor Dimitar Nikolov by the minister of education Krasimir Valchev. Burgas gets this special honours for the investments in the educational infrastructure, opening new schools, programs for early language learning, healthy lifestyle and eating and new methods in schools and kindergartens.  



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