Events from: Friday, 12 April 2019


The Second Stage of the Reparation of Boulevard "Zahari Stoyanov" starts on Monday, April 15

On Monday, April 15, the second stage of the reparation of Boulevard "Zahari Stoyanov" which is the main entering point for the many citizens who live in housing estate "Meden Rudnik" will start. Bringing in the temporary organization of traffic will happen after the morning rush hour when people go to work. The second stage of the project includes reparation and rehabilitation of the pavement in one of the road lanes of the section of the crossroad on Boulevard "Zahari Stoyanov" with "Georgi Popayanov" Street next to the crossroad which leads to "Gorno Ezerovo". The voted graphic predicts the project will take 2 weeks. Afterwards there will only be traffic in the left lane and then the machines will move to the other side, working in the opposite…

Students from Burgas will showcase their knowledge in a Traffic Safety competition

  Students in 5-7 grade from many schools in Burgas will take part in a regional quiz called "Let's save the kids on the road". The event will take place on April 16, Tuesday, at 10AM in "Georgi Baev" Hall at the Cultural Center "Sea Casino". Teams are from 7 different schools: Elementary School "Elin Pelin" - Burgas, Elementary School "Knyaz Boris I" - Burgas, Elementary School "Peyo Yavorov" - Burgas, Elementary School "Hristo Botev" - Sungurlare, Elementary School "St. St. Cyril and Methodius" - Zagortsi, Elementary School "St. St. Cyril and Methodius" - Obzor and Secondary School "Ivan Vazov" - Pomorie. The winner of today's quiz will compete in the third round of a national quiz which will take place in May in Smolyan. Prizes are…

The Week of "Eating Healthy" Continues in Burgas

The week of Eating Healthy under the motto "Etiquette and table aesthetic - golden rules while eating" in "Sea star" kindergarten was an entertaining demonstration of capabilities and knowledge of group 3"B". Students from "Prof. D-r Asen Zlatarov" University took part in the initiative as well. The girls and boys from the preschool group demonstrated speed and accuracy during the games. During the activities they learned about the process of food products finding their way to our tables. The students from the Professional High School of Tourism showed the participants how to serve in a real restaurant and what is needed in order to serve well for the clients.



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