Events from: Thursday, 25 April 2019


The "Silver" and "Turnovo Constitutions" are both to be displayed from 3rd to 8th of May

The 2 constitutions will be exhibited in Burgas's Culture Centre "Sea Casino" with no admission fee. These 2 priceless documents will be part of a bigger exhibition, dedicated to the 140th anniversary of the "Turnovo" Constitution, which is taking place today. On the 3rd of May, the 2 relics will be welcomed in Burgas, accompanied by the military. Information regarding the 2 constitutions: On the 16th of April 1879, an assembly of Bulgarian representatives took place in the capital of Bulgaria in order to accept the "Turnovo constitution". It is our first basic law, meant to revive Bulgaria's search for a new political life after the five-century long yoke, paving the way for a modern European statehood. The "Turnovo Constitution" is written…

The national flower exhibition "Flora Burgas" opens with a concert on Easter

The band "Goresht Pyasak" (Hot Sand), ensemble "Zornitza" and quartet soloists from "Milka Stoeva" choir will open with a concert the 35th edition of the national flower exhibition "Flora Burgas" on the 28th of April, Sunday, 11 o'clock. In the traditional exhibition, 100 participants all around the country will take part - florists, manufacturers and shippers of flowers, landscape architects and professionals in the flower art.

Next to "The Clock" it will be shown how the Easter eggs were painted in the past

  A team from the Ethnographic Museum Burgas will present how the Easter eggs were being painted in the past.   On Thursday, 25th April at 12:00 at "The Clock", the traditional techniques of painting eggs with natural material will be demonstrated.   Everybody is welcome to paint their egg for health and prosperity.


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