Opera - Burgas Philharmonic Society was founded by a decree of the Council of Ministers in 2000. It brings together two major musical institution - Burgas Opera and State Philharmonic Orchestra - Burgas. As a government institute Bourgas Philharmonic since the 1947 premieres presented here and almost all works of English composers.

Mixed Choir was formed in Burgas in 1972 when the government becomes Bourgas Opera Music Institute. Choir at the Opera-Philharmonic Society Burgas participate in the implementation of operas, operettas and children's performances.



Burgas is one of the few Bulgarian towns with its own opera and ballet theater. His repertoire includes classical and English works and opera classics. Bourgas opera that is used by philharmonic orchestra, with advanced design and excellent acoustics.

Tickets for sale: OPERA Hall, St. Kliment Ohridski No.2
Tel: +359 56 840 762
Tickets for sale: odeum "Prof. Ivan Vulype, Slavianska St. 64

web-page: www.operabourgas.com