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Requests for access to public information

Requests for access to public information is taken every working day from 8:30 to 18:00 in the Center for Administrative Services of the Municipality of Burgas, St. Alexandrovska 26, tel: 907 231; in the territorial directorates and village municipal offices.


Prerequisites and rules for access to public information are regulated in the Law on Access to Public Information - APIA / Prom. SG. 55 on 7.07.2000, amend., Vol. 1 of 4.01.2002, in force since 1.01.2002 on issue. 45 of 30.04.2002 on /

In Art. 2 of this Act contains a definition of the concept of public information: "Public information within the meaning of this law means any information relating to public life in Bulgaria and enabling citizens to draw up their own opinion on the activities of the entities required by law."

Types of information are:

OFFICIAL: "Official information that is contained in acts of state bodies and bodies of local government in carrying out their powers." - Art. 10 of APIA

Business: "Service is the information collected, created and stored in connection with official information and on the activities of the authorities and their administrations." - Art. 11 of APIA

Restrictions limit the right of access to public information is provided in Art. 7 APIA: "There shall be restrictions on the right of access to public information, unless it is classified information of a government or other protected secrecy in cases provided by law."

APIA not apply and information in the manner laid down in it can not be obtained, when it comes to information provided in connection with the administrative service of citizens and legal persons or be kept in state archives Fund of the Republic of Bulgaria / art. 8 APIA.


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Програма Достъп до Информация
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