Regional pen company Petko Rosen - Burgas was founded 12 years by a group of artists Bourgas. Formed on January 12, 1997 by Ivan Bubalov / drafted statutes, Elijah Burzhev, Kuzman Krastev, Ivan Vankov Vasil lakes, Boyan Chimov from Pomorie, Dimitar Kostadinov, and Emanouil Buhchev Boris Pavlov. Board of Directors was elected consisting of: Ivan Bubalov - chairman Bojan Chimov - vice. Chairman and Ivan vankov - Secretary. Then the company decided to regional and bear the name of Bourgas Chorbadzhiev writer Petko Rosen to continue a tradition of literary annals Burgas, whose home is at the end of the 19th century by Petko Rosen Constantine Petkanov Bourgas and the first poet Stefan Tinterov - Tin Ven.

The company's goal is to attract and unite voluntary creative intelligentsia in Bourgas and the Bourgas region. It is re in 2002. In 2009 there are 16 regular members.


Ivan Bubalov

Burgas, JK Sunrise, bl.55, vh. 8, 1st floor

0885 568 277