Directorates and Departments

DIRECTORATE "Culture and Public Relations"

DEPARTMENT "Culture and Advertising"

DEPARTMENT "Public Relationsl"


Отдел "Експертно-техническо осигуряване на общинския съвет"

DIRECTORATE "Internal Audit"

DIRECTORATE Budget and Finances

DEPARTMENT "Financial - accounting activities"



DIRECTORATE "Information service and tehnologies"

DIRECTORATE "Human resourches"

DIRECTORATE "Administrative Services"

DIRECTORATE "Law and legal services"

DIRECTORATE "For crisis management, public order and security"

DEPARTMENT "General functional control"

DEPARTMENT "Crisys management defense and recruiting"

DIRECTORATE "Local revenue from advertising fees and taxes"

DEPARTMENT "Service to taxpayers"

DEPARTMENT "Reporting to income"

DEPARTMENT "Control and compulsory collection"



DIRECTORATE "Economics and business activities"



DIRECTORATE “Territorial arrangiment“

DIRECTORATE "Construction"

DIRECTORATE "Education and demographic issues"

DIRECTORATE "Social affairs,Health and sport"

DEPARTMENT "Preventions, Health and programs "



DIRECTORATE "Environmental conservation"

DEPARTMENT "Environmental policies and programs"

DEPARTMENT "Control and administrative-punitive activity on environment"



DIRECTORATE "European policies and programs"

DEPARTMENT "Territorial Cooperation" 

DEPARTMENT "Investment projects"


Team DIRECTORATE "European policies and programs" more


DIRECTORATE "Municipal property management"



DIRECTORATE "Civil registration of population"

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