National Literary Competition "Petya Dubarova"

National Literary Competition "Petya Dubarova was established in 1984 as  competition for literary creativity. In the early years is organized by the magazine 'native language. After building a house-museum "Petya Dubarova in 1995, the competition is organized by the Municipality of Bourgas, house museum" Petya Dubarova "magazine" native language ".

The aim of the competition is to discover and promote young literary darovaniya. It involved high school students from each school level as follows: Section poetry (poems or poems cycle) and section prose (short story). Besides calling on the relevant awards, each edition of the competition and released collection "Petya-wharf green", which are published laureates of the National Literary Competition "Petya Dubarova.

In its history, the multi-annual national literary contest in the name of Petya Dubarova proved a springboard for many young and talented authors who are now prominent Bulgarian artists, read and translated in many countries.

From 2003 to organize the contest and a summer workshop in which participating winners and participants in the relevant edition of the competition. The workshop aims to help through modern training methods and very good creative process for young people and to develop adequate feeling of the participants in line with modern trends in literature. So far, leaders of the seminars of the annual summer workshop were: Alec Popov, Boyko Lambovski, Georgi Gospodinov, Kristin Dimitrova, Vladimir Trendafilov, Angel Igov and others. The ambition of the municipality of Burgas and house-museum Petya Dubarova is to attract to participate in the contest and participants of the Bulgarian communities abroad.

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