Children's Choir "Milka Stoeva"

Children's Choir was founded in 1948 by renowned educator, composer and conductor Boris Ibrishimov. With its rich 60-year artistic career, the Choir is among the best choirs in the country.

Over the years, has become child choir school choirs, bred and developed many famous musicians, singers and connoisseurs of music. Huge share of its high level of major international awards and an active cultural life of the composition has a long conductor and leader of people Milka Stoeva due in 2003 that it adopts its name.

Bourgas children choir has an important share in the preparation and implementation of the first of its kind in Bulgaria national competition for children's song "Sladkopoyna lark. Conducted annually from 1980 to today, this competition provided by the performance of small Bourgas singers latest products for children from English composers. About 28 years have recorded over 400 songs, many of which have become the most popular children's songs in Bulgaria.

Repertoire includes works of people from different eras and styles, from the smallest form of children's music song to the big speakers kantatno-works.

Children's Choir "Milka Stoeva" has won many international prizes and awards from prestigious choral competitions and festivals. Have made numerous concert tours in Serbia, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden and others.