PROFESSIONAL Folk Ensemble Strandzha - BURGAS


Strandzha - BURGAS


Address: Youth Cultural Center

Burgas 8000, str Gladstone "№ 47

tel: 056 / 906 525 tel / fax 056/842 487

e-mail: [email protected]


Professional Folklore Ensemble Strandzha was established in 1965 with the aim of tracing, storage, processing and promotion of music, song, dance and oral folklore from South-East Bulgaria.

Ansambalat consists of three main sections: women's choir based outdoor folk singing, soloists, orchestra of folk instruments and mixed dance composition.

In his repertoire includes dozens of dance performances, choral, solo and orchestral works. It attend dances and songs from all ethnographic areas which show the enormous richness of Bulgarian folklore. Particular attention is paid to the rendering of folklore and folk customs of Strandzha end.

Professional Folklore Ensemble "Strandzha gave over 6000 concerts in Bulgaria and abroad.
He had a success in the U.S., Belgium, India, Hungary, France, Macedonia, Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Greece, Turkey, Austria and other countries.

Laureate is a local and international competitions and festivals.

Winner of the Grand Prix is the Golden ax "International Folk competition in 1977 in the town of Zakopane (Poland), the Grand Prix Golden shad" International Folk competition in 1995 in the city of Bursa (Turkey) and the Grand Prix pink gold "of the International Folk competition in 2002 in the town of infertile (Turkey).

For overall activity and contribution to the preservation of Bulgarian traditions has won the prize "Nestinarka in 2008 of the 36th International Folklore Festival in Burgas.

Ensemble is the winner of the "sovereign" of the Union of Bulgarian music and dance figures for 2005.

Senior Art Director - Mario Egov, conductor of the ensemble - Lyuben Kasabov, conductor of the orchestra - Nikolay Chapkunov, choreographer - Miho Atanasov, choir-master - Atanaska Boneva.