Mixed Choir "Burgas"

Mixed Choir was founded in 1973 by the conductor of the children's choir Milka Stoeva. This is a chamber composition, in which boys and girls aged 15 to 19 years. As a mixed composition Choir School existed until 1984 was restored in 1992 by a group Milka Stoeva and chorister, wanted to continue to deal with unprofessional singing. Briefly Choir repertoire and began preparing its active concert activity. Choir participates in prestigious national events, as well as in international choral festivals.

Today, mixed choir "Burgas" has 32 singers persons aged 18 to 40 years - students and teachers, medical and social workers, economists, businessmen and others. In the repertory of a major proportion of people have Bulgarian music. Is prominently religious music - Orthodox and Catholic, as well as popular music choirs.