Municipal enterprise "Tourism" was found in 2013 to serve local tourist sites, complexes and attractions. MP "Tourism" also promotes Burgas as a tourist destination and provides information about tourist products, sites, events and any other information providing the comfort of the guests of Burgas and the region.

MP "Tourism" manages the following sites:

-  Tourist complex "St. Anastasia island"

-  Tourist ship "Anastasia"

-  Tourist complex "Aquae Calidae"

-  Tourist information center

-  The official travel guide of Burgas - Go to Burgas



Mailing address: Burgas, 26 "Aleksandrovska" str.


Burgas, 26 "Aleksandrovska" str., 2 floor
Director: Radovesta Stewart
Е-поща: [email protected]


Tourist complex "Saint Anastasia island"
phone number: +359 882 004 124, е-mail: [email protected]


Tourist complex "Aquae Calidae"
Vetren district
phone number : +359 882 004 126, е-mail: [email protected]


Tourist information center
"Aleksandrovska" str.  37
phone number: +359 56/ 825 772
е-mail: [email protected]

For more information visit the website of MP "Tourism":