Burgas celebrates World Asthma Day

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Wednesday, 05 May 2021
Posted by: Димитър Шишманов
  Burgas celebrates World Asthma Day Burgas schools took part in various initiatives in the celebration of World Asthma Day. This year, this is done on May 5 under the motto "You can control your asthma." Every tenth child in Bulgaria suffers from asthma, according to experts on World Disease Day. 80 percent of cases are due to allergies. Two groups of allergens are of key importance in asthma - house dust mites and pollen. Other factors that trigger the disease or provoke individual attacks are viruses and irritants in the air - for example, particles that are released from the exhaust gases of cars. The most common manifestations of asthma are shortness of breath, wheezing, and coughing, which occur in attacks. That is why it is especially important to catch and treat the disease in time. This year the Municipality of Burgas took part in the celebration of the World Asthma Day by organizing in four of its largest schools PS "Bratya Miladinovi"; Elin Pelin Primary School; “Vasil Aprilov” Primary School and “Acad. N. Obreshkov ”, a quick breath test with a peak flow meter for the students and the staff.
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