Burgas kindergartens hold a lesson in patriotism

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Wednesday, 24 February 2021
Posted by: Димитринка Костадинова
Burgas kindergartens hold a lesson in patriotism

The children from the III and IV groups in the Burgas kindergartens hold a "Patriotism lesson". The initiative is traditional and takes place on the eve of the national holiday - March 3. During the classes, the teachers talk about the life and work of Vasil Levski and prominent historical figures. The future students name landmarks from Bulgaria, recite and sing, take part in quizzes and make boards with photos of the characters. In the lessons of patriotism, the little patriots prove that Bulgaria is the most beautiful place on earth, and Burgas is their home and they are proud of it. The initiative is of the Municipality of Burgas and CPLR Burgas and is held for the second year.

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