A new mobile app receives and systemizes signals concerning the problems in the city of Burgas

Wednesday, 11 March 2015
Posted by: Stefan Minchev

A new mobile app, which will allow citizens to signal municipal administration about problems in the city, has been activated. In its current version, it will allow people from Burgas to report problems concerning the infrastructure and the environment: incorrect parking, areas with trash, dangerous buildings, missing sewer lids, broken public benches, dangerous playgrounds, pot-holes in the streets and sidewalks.

For a fast and effective response, the signals are received in the local municipal administration responsible for the area, in which the problem was spotted.

The application is developed by the software expert Deyan Mihailov. It is called "fixburgas" and is designed for mobile devices using Android or iOS operational systems. The app can be downloaded from these two sites:




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