The students from the Vassil Aprilov School took part in a situation of terrorist act

Friday, 05 May 2017
Posted by: Dimitar Shishmanov

The threat of terrorist acts keeps the conturies around the world in fear.Therefore .the preparation and adequate responses to such a situation are of the utmost imprtance for saving more lives.It is precisely this reason why the training to take action in a bomb theat to enter schools.

Today the classes at the Vasil Aprilov Secondary School in burgas were interrupted by an alarm bell.All the classes who were practicing at that moment left the bulding for nearly three minutes.Immediately thereafter,police teams made a detailed view of the bulding.

among the main chartacters in the situation was thw German shepherd Rocko.The dog is almost two years old and is trained to detect explosives.He is now part of the Border Police team at Burgas Airoport.Every day Rocko takes part in laggage and passenger checks.The coach tells him there has not been a case so far that his four-partner encounters an explosive,and he hopes it will never happen to him.

Rocko has done brilliantly with his assignment and has opened a questinable package in a minibus praked in front of the school.For were-done work,the dog recieved a rewars and the applause of the childrenwho were watching the operation closely.

Educational anxiesty is part of Burgas Municipality's program for the prevention and protection of pupils' health.Representatives of the Regional Fire Service,the Border Police.the Municipality of Burgas,the Ministry of Interior and others participated in the operation.The idea is to carry out an ectraordinary evacuation to develop a more serious attiture towards such threats and to improve the coordination between the different services.

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