Wednesday, 26 July 2017
Posted by: Stefan Minchev
Електрически велосипеди

The conventional up to now rent-a-bike system in Burgas has been upgraded with the first 7 electric bikes within the frames of the actions taken by the partners in the EU programme of "Sharing cities" aimed at building the future smart cities.

One of the goals of the 5-year long project, in which Burgas Municipality has been participating since 2016 is to demonstrate the potential of alternative urban mobility methods by modernizing the city's bicycle system and introducing e-mobility measures.

The electric bikes can be rented for 2.00 leva per hour at the stations of "Velo-Burgas". The number of e-bikes is expected to grow by next year, after analyzing the statistics of their usage and the customers' feedback.

Fuelled by both electricity and pedal power, electric bikes allow us to reach the destination with minimum use of our own physical efforts and significantly reduce travelling time. Thus, they become an excellent sweat-free solution for everyone who uses this transport daily, for example, or a chance for older people to keep up their cycling ability and physical fitness.

The Burgas Deputy Mayor for Euro-integration and Ecology Ruska Boyadzhieva emphasized few days ago: "The E-bikes introduction across the city of Burgas is a part of the replicating activities which demonstrate the effect of implementing accessible intelligent solutions in urban environment for achieving smart development. The upgrade of the successfully operating "Velo Burgas" rent-a-bike system with e-bikes and the recently expanded up to 80-kilometers long bicycle network of the city definitely results in improving the city life quality and increasing number of people who use bicycles as regular means of commuting.



* The "Sharing cities" project, funded under the "Horizon"2020 programme, aims to demonstrate the real potential for urban change due to implementation of smart solutions as well as the value, which these solutions add to the cities' economic, social and environmental development. Meanwhile, the programme brings together cities authorities, businesses, and investors for the establishment of new type community-based relationships with the successful inclusion of citizens, the creation of new business models, employment and development of alternative urban mobility methods such as e-bikes.

Burgas is one of the six European lighthouse cities involved in the "Sharing Cities" programme. The "Velo Burgas" conventional rent-a-bike system has been successfully functioning for 4 years now. Thanks to it, thousands of people have found the pleasure and felt the useful effects of this travel mode first before they bought their own bicycles. To date Municipality of Burgas has over 120 bicycles for rent and more than 200 parking posts operating through "Velo Burgas". Some of the renting stations in the city are also equipped with everything you need to do small repairs or to charge flat tires.



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