They present the documentary "The First Builders of the Burgas Opera" by Professor Srebra Mihaleva.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017
Posted by: Dimitar Shishmanov
Бургаска опера

"Artists, however good they play, go away, and let them come to know and remember ..."
The "Builder of the Burgas Opera" returns us as far back as possible, at the dawn of this art-loved art of Burgas. Prof. Srebra Mihaleva's many years of work perpetuate the names, talents and revivalist missions of generations of artists who have gone through the stage of the Burgas Opera.
Through intensive research, careful selection and searching for facts, Prof. Mihaleva forms a sophisticated historical study. It includes rich photo material, a documentary archive of manuscripts, memories, reviews, and criticism, which are mostly published for the first time.
Prof Srebra Mihaleva is a singer with a rich stage biography and an authoritative vocal pedagogue of classical singing, pop and jazz techniques. She grew up in the family of Maria and Nevin Mihalevi, founders of the Burgas Opera. The motivation that prompted her to create such an impressive historiography is that there has so far been no publication to follow the overall creative activity of the soloists, chorus, balletist crews and orchestras who have passed through the Burgas Opera.
The presentation of the documentary will take place on the 14th of September (Thursday) at 18:00 at the Marine casino Cultural Center, Petya Dubarova Hall.

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