The city of Burgas deserved one of the awards of "Innovators in Education" Ranking

Monday, 13 November 2017
Posted by: Stefan Minchev , Translated by: Stefka Ivanova

At the National Palace of Culture, "Peroto" Literary Club, an official ceremony was held to announce the winners of this year's edition of "Innovators in Education" Ranking. More than 50 projects took part in the event.    

Its main planner is ERP Academy, and the unmistakable goal is to present the personalities, projects and initiatives with the greatest contribution to the introduction of new training methods, technological solutions as well as the good example of that truly dedication to the learning process which changes our understanding of education, creates new opportunities for the learning process, and makes learning more accessible and valuable to more people.

The Ackathon in Burgas won first place award in the "Charity" category . This is an initiative in which people with interests in the field of software development, design and information technologies presented their own ideas.

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