Branch of the National Academy of Arts in Burgas Announces Master Art Program

Tuesday, 31 July 2018
Posted by: Radostin Rachev
Филиал на НХА - Бургас

The branch of the National Academy of Arts in Burgas opens this autumn, will train students in the Art Therapy Master program. She studies the norms of the upbringing and development of man through the possibilities offered by different types of arts.

Among the regular lecturers who will lead the training are Prof. Peter Tsanev, Assoc. Prof. Rumyana Pankova, PhD, Valeri Vassilev, PhD.

The Art Therapy Master offers a specialized way of using the creative process in art as a conduit for communication, self-expression and personality development. The program focuses on complex expressive models where art and psychology are uniquely combined to explore and develop people's creative potential.

Through the therapeutic arts, a wide range of physical, emotional and cognitive skills are developed that provide a valuable contribution to the potential and needs of social and psychological adaptation.

The artistic and academic traditions of the National Academy of Arts offer the Master's program as an outstanding theoretical and practical forum for students interested in art therapy education.

The program focuses on studies and research promoting development in this area based on intensive art practice, art therapy theory and practice, contemporary approaches to psychological development and nature of creativity.


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