Photo exhibition brings back the memory of the Prague Spring of 1968

Thursday, 16 August 2018
Posted by: Stefan Minchev

"August 21, 1968: THE END OF THE SPRING" is a photo exhibition dedicated to 50 years of the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia. She will visit Burgas, the Marine casino Cultural Center, the Georgi Baev Hall, with the help of the Czech Cultural Center, the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Sofia and the Photobooks Festival. The opening will be on August 21 at 18:00.


The curator of the project is Dana Kindrova, who is also a photographer and the subject does not matter to her. In 1990-1991 she filmed the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Czechoslovakia. Subsequently, he decided to collect photos, sealed their "arrival". For four years, Dana Kidrova has been searching for photographers, copywriters, collectors, archives from many institutions.

The exhibition presents photos of 19 photographers and five archives - Gustav Aulehly, Jan Bartushek, Jaromir Cheikh, Bohumil Dobrovolski, Irghe Eger, Josef Hannik, Dagmar Hohova, Miroslav Hussek, Miroslav Cohl, Libuse Kindrova, Vladimir Lamer, Miroslav Martinovsky, Milon Novotni , Anton Novi, Jan Reich, Jiri Stevie, Daniela Sikorova, Jirí Vichychka and Vaclav Tuzhimski, who filmed the dramatic moments in Liberec.

During the opening, Albena Mihaylova's film "Distance" will be screened, which is also somehow related to the 1968 events.


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