Opera Prima Raina Kabaivanska: I always feel touched when I return to Burgas

Monday, 01 October 2018
Posted by: Radostin Rachev

"I always feel poignant and very proud when I return to Burgas.After my last meeting nine years ago my city is very transformed and developed, it has become a beautiful and modern European coastal town.And my brightest memories from a child from the Sea School in the city and the seamen, "said the star of the world opera scene and honorary citizen of Burgas Raina Kabaivanska at a meeting with the Mayor Dimitar Nikolov and journalists in the Hall of the Municipality.

The return of the great Bulgarian opera actress in the hometown is at the invitation of the mayor Nikolov and the occasion is the Gala Concert of the laureates of the XVIIIth International Master Class at New Bulgarian University and the scholars of the Raina Kabaivanska Fund for 2018, evening at 7 pm in the State Opera House in Burgas.

Raina Kabaivanska was greeted in the Municipality building by dozens of her employees who applauded her.

"I am delighted that on the International Day of Music, October 1st, we welcome the great operatic pride Raina Kabaivanska, I remember our previous meeting, the time for you seems to have stopped, there is no other fellow countryman with whom our city is so is proud of the world of art and gives such self-confidence to Bourgas, so our meetings with Mrs. Kabaivanska are always so emotional, positive and exciting, "said Mayor Dimitar Nikolov and bestowed the great distinction of the Municipality of Kloka from the Tower of the City of the world-famous opera actress and album with photos from her recent comeback in Burgas in 2009

Raina Kabaivanska received another personal and exciting gift from the mayor - a copy of the Municipal Archives of the act of birth of the great singer and actress.

"My struggle is to keep our inheritance in the field of music and art, and we have students from 21 countries, but what pleases me is that there are already big names from the master class who say they are scholars of the Rayna Kabaivanska. "This year we have three Bulgarian women in the master class, who will hear tonight and the program includes works by Donizetti, Verdi, Camii Saint-Sans, Puccini, Tchaikovsky and Bizet."

"We thank Mr. Nikolov for the invitation to return to Bourgas after almost ten years to present the international master class laureates, and many of them present Bulgaria on the big world stages and hope that Burgas will become one of the laureates' in the future, "added Georgi Tekev, Executive Director of New Bulgarian University.

At the end of the meeting Raina Kabaivanska turned the ship's ruler three times for good luck in the lobby of the Municipality of Burgas and invited the citizens of Burgas and the guests of the city of the Galakoncerta of the laureates of the International Master Class.

The event will be held this evening at 7 pm in the State Opera House in Burgas, and the program will feature arias and ensembles from renowned operas under the leadership of Maestro Nayden Todorov.


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