A tactile map supports the services of visually impaired people in Burgas Municipality

Tuesday, 30 October 2018
Posted by: Marieta Handzhieva

In Burgas, the project started to improve the orientation and accessibility of information about the environment for visually impaired people.

The first real result is a tactile map at the Center for Administrative Services, which is located on the back of the building of the Municipality of Burgas at "Alexandrovska" Str.

The building was designed and built more than half a century ago, requiring improvements in the direction of providing an accessible environment for people with visual disturbances and reduced mobility.

For visually impaired people, the ground floor and the first floor are the most difficult. The building has 4 entrances, five stairways, and two levels of access - free and need for identification.

With the new acquisition, people can easily find where the different counters are located in the Center for Administrative Services, the Conference Hall, the Hall of the Municipal Council, the Mayor's Cabinets and the President of the Municipal Council, the press center - the most frequented places of active citizens.

This improves the opportunity to discuss publicly relevant ideas and solve different case studies.

In addition to the sound signaling of the entrances and the guaranteed access to service dogs of guides marked with international requisites, the building makes one of the most adapted for people with visual impairments.

Providing opportunities for independent living without the need for help improves the opportunities for people with disruptive vision because the target group learns to assert their rights and positions independently. It is still common practice when attending an attendant in an institution, the dialogue being conducted with the assistant rather than with the person himself.

The project envisages that such maps will be made for the important public spaces and tourist sites on the territory of the Municipality of Burgas. This will improve the quality of the tourist product that is provided to the city's guests.

Part of the activities include expanding the use of specialized platforms for processing and converting voice and text into various formats - braille, text, audio files. They improve the accessibility of different target groups, including people with multiple disabilities or those with cognitive disorders.

The activities are part of an international project for exchange of good practices with Romanian and Danish partners.


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