Parents are involved in the educational process at Pinocchio Park

Tuesday, 30 October 2018
Posted by: Marieta Handzhieva

The parents of all the kids from the new innovative Pinocchio Kindergarten are actively involved in the education process of their children. They have full access to the garden, and the right to attend the group of their child, to help with feeding, dressing. The idea is to be part of the garden team, to help teachers and an example of the children, explained Tanya Cholakova, director of the kindergarten.

The Kindergarten made a serious request even before its discovery that it would introduce a different concept of education and education for children, relying on innovative solutions and environmental initiatives.

The Pinocchio children have the opportunity to enjoy fun fairs, sensory trails, trolleys, slides, swings and climbers, play with music boxes, grow plants in the little bio garden, and learn by magnetic board.

All toys, tables and chairs in the kindergarten are wooden to meet the highest eco requirements.

The bottles of each child are recyclable, and the slippers are replaced with the natural wool babes.

Another innovation with which Pinocchio is proud is the games in the rain. Every kid is equipped with a raincoat, rubber boots and a warm overcoat. Thus, bad weather is not a reason for children to stay indoors, even outdoors.


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