They recorded on the memorial plate the names of 300 Burgas military heroes, officially opened it on Saturday

Wednesday, 31 October 2018
Posted by: Stefan Minchev

On November 3rd (Saturday), at 11.30 am, at the monument to the Military Club - Burgas will be held a ritual for the opening of a memorial plaque with the names of the 24th Black Sea Infantry Regiment and the military ritual - the wreath of the wreaths and flowers on Arhangelova (male) sucking.

The initiative for writing the names of the perished citizens of Burgas in the wars for national unification 1912 - 1918 is the municipal councilor and chairman of VMRO - Burgas - Georgi Drakaliev. The idea to be written precisely on the patrimony of the 24th Black Sea Infantry Regiment is to Mitko Ivanov - chairman of the Association of Burgas artists.

After receiving a written consent for the reconstruction of the monument by the Minister of Defense Krassimir Karakachanov, a note was submitted to the Municipal Council - Bourgas and the required four thousand leva was disbursed. On the proposal of the mayor Dimitar Nikolov the funds were separated from the maintenance of the municipal administration. The project was prepared free of charge by arch. Vasil Donchev, who for this purpose searched the names of all 300 citizens who died in the Archives State Agency.

By order of the Minister of Defense General Petar Parensov from 1880, the Archangel's (male) suffocated in our young principality was given to serve a monument (commemoration) accompanied by military honors for all who laid their bones in front of the altar of the country. Every year on this day, the Bulgarian Army conducts military rituals in memory of the warriors who died in the wars, a day in which our prayers are about the dead men of Bulgaria, the soldiers and the officers, the well-known and nameless heroes.

On Saturday, November 3rd, a tribute to those who died for the freedom of their homeland will give representatives of the state and local authorities, servicemen from Burgas garrison, residents and guests of the city. The ritual will include soldiers from the military formations of the garrison of Burgas and the representative brass band of Burgas Municipality.


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