What is Via Pontica you will learn from the 3 November Museum Lecture

Wednesday, 31 October 2018
Posted by: Radostin Rachev

There is no Borzalie who has not heard of Via Pontica. Some connect it to the Black Sea, others to the archaeological evidence from the region. Most often, people think of the flock of birds that flew over the city every spring and autumn. Indeed Via Pontica is called the second largest bird migration route in Europe.

What are the species that fly over it, how many migrates, why do bird lovers from all over Europe visit our Black Sea coast? You will receive an answer to all these questions on 3 November at 11.30 am at the Natural History Museum (30, K. Fotinov Str.) Where Assoc. Prof. Svetla Dalakchieva will deliver the public Black Sea Migration Path to the public.

The entrance fee is preferential - for adults it is 2 leva and for students and pensioners - 1 leva.


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