Tuesday, 05 March 2019
Posted by: Dimitar Shishmanov
"София филм фест на брега"

Tickets for the 17th edition of the "Sofia Film Fest on the Coast" Film Festival will be available for purchase Wednesday, March 6th.


The sale will take place at the drama theater "Adriana Budevska" at Alexandrovska Str.

The price of a ticket is 8 leva. Organizers offer a discount for those who plan to visit more than one screening. When purchasing a card with the value of 10 tickets, the price of a single ticket is 6 leva, and with 20-ticket-card you pay only 5 leva per visit.

"Sofia Film Fest on the Beach" will be open from the 14th of March until the 22nd of March. The screenings will be broadcast in the "Adriana Budevska" Drama Theater.


See the full program of the festival:


March 14, Thursday

19:00 - OPENING

"Live chimneys", Bulgaria, directed by Radoslav Spasov, 121 min

Director Radoslav Spassov and the actors Maria Kotzeva and Dimitar Kotzev will be present as guests.


 "Living chimneys"

March 15, Friday

16:00 - "Three Faces", Iran, directed by Jafar Panahi, 100 min


"Three Faces"

18:00 - Cold War, Poland-UK-France, directed by Pavel Pavlikovski, 84 min


"Cold War"

20:00 - "The Green Book", USA, directed by Peter Farrelli, 130 min


 "Green Paper"

March 16, Saturday

16:00 - "Transit", Germany-France, directed by Christian Pezold, 101 min


Movie from "Transit"

18:00 - "Ága", Bulgaria-Germany, directed by Milko Lazarov, 96 min

Director Milko Lazarov and producer Veselka Kiriakova will be present as guests.



20:00 - "The Wild Pear", Turkey-France-Germany-Bulgaria-Macedonia-Bosnia and Herzegovina-Sweden-Qatar, directed by Nuri Bilge Jeylan, 188 min


"The Wild Pear"

March 17, Sunday

14:30 - "Miniature for a piano", Bulgaria, directed by Eldora Traykova, 61 min, entrance free

Director Eldora Traykova will be present as a guest.


16:00 - "Witch Hunters", Serbia-Macedonia, dir. Rasko Milkovic, 86 min (for children and adults)


18:00 - "The Pig", Bulgaria-Romania, directed by Dragomir Sholev, 96 min


20:00 - "Pickpocket", Japan, directed by Hirokazu Kore-da, 121 min


March 18, Monday

17:00 - Short films from the "Jameson" Competition:

"Enemy of the pig", directed by Borislav Stankov, 27 min

"I got you", director Stefani Doychinova, 21 min

"Happiness", directed by Dimitar Dimitrov, 6 min

18:00 - "Dog-breeder", Italy-France, directed by Matteo Garone, 102 min


20:00 - "Capernaum", Lebanon, directed by Nadin Labaki, 123 min


March 19, Tuesday

17:00 - Short films from the "Jameson" Competition:

"Butterfly and Mouse", directed by Mira Yankova, 14 min

"The Wheel", directed by Chris Zahariev, 20 min

"Ivan", directed by Nadezhda Hristova, 21 min

18:00 - "Girl", Belgium-Holland, directed by Lucas Dont, 105 min


20:00 - "Happy Lazaro", Italy-Switzerland-France-Germany, directed by Alice Rorvaher, 125 min


March 20, Wednesday

17:00 - Short films from the "Jameson" Competition:

"Roses in the Night", directed by Pencho Kanchev, 11 min

"After the hours", dir. Grigor Antonov, 20 min

"Marriage", directed by Slava Doycheva, 21 min

18:00 - "Hanaley Bay", Japan-USA, directed by Daishi Matsunaga, 97 min


20:00 - "Etter", Hungary-Poland-Ukraine-Lithuania, directed by Krzysztof Zanussi, 117 min


March 21, Thursday

17:00 - Short films from the "Jameson" Competition:

"Excuse me", Director Olya Zheleva, 10 min

"Soledad", directed by Stilian Stoyanov, 15 min

"XVII", directed by Radi Stoyanov, 27 min

18:00 - "Border", Sweden-Denmark, directed by Ali Abbasi, 108 min


20:00 - "The Golden Glove", Germany-France, directed by Fatih Akin, 115 min


March 22, Friday

17:00 - "Tramp", Bulgaria, directed by Georgi Dyulgerov, 90 min, entrance free (a screening dedicated to Petya Dubarova)



19:00 - CLOSING

"Irina", Bulgaria, directed by Nadezhda Koseva, 96 min

 Director Nadezhda Koseva, actress Irini Zambonas and producer Stefan Kitanov will participate as guests.


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