"Feel Burgas" challenges to capture of city in a one-minute video

Friday, 29 March 2019
Posted by: Stefan Minchev

Burgas  is a city, surrounded by a sea, beaches and a sea garden, filled with seagulls, cats, beautiful girls, fried sprat, delicious cuisine, kite and windsurf, fishermen, lakes and birds. It's all of this and much more. Burgas is a feeling, emotion, inspiration, love...

Nowadays almost everyone carries a phone which can take quality videos. In Burgas, many masters of photography and the camera can be found. We challenge every amateur and professional - show us your most favorite spot or feeling in Burgas in a short one-minute video.

Be creative and honest. Send us your creation as a private message to our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SenseOurCity/.

We promise we will publish all videos on a special page and on the website of the Municipality of Burgas, and there will be awards for the most creative and bravest videos.

*Videos containing uncensored or publically disturbing content, WON'T be published.


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