Children from the kindergartens of Burgas demonstrate their knowledge of English language today at the Cultural Centre "Morsko Kazino"

Thursday, 28 March 2019
Posted by: Radostin Rachev

Today the children at preschool age will demonstrate their knowledge due to the free program for early foreign language learning of English language, organised by Burgas Municipality. The event will take place at the Cultural Centre "Morsko Kazino" at 10 o'clock.

Youngsters from "Delfin", "Valshebstvo", "Rakovina", Plamache", "Izgrev", "Zlatna Ribka" kindergartens and the preschool group of "Kniaz Boris I" primary school will take part in the quiz.

The children will demonstrate the learnt skills of speaking and listening in English language through many games, songs and dances. The quiz will take place in four rounds as in each of them the kids will have to fulfil the given game task, and in the last one- to present a preliminary prepared artistic performance.

The event is organised by Burgas Municipality and The Centre of Support of the Individual Development.




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