The construction of two new parking lots has been finished in "Meden Rudnik"

Thursday, 28 March 2019
Posted by: Dimitar Shishmanov


The Municipality of Burgas has constructed two new parking lots in the living complex"Meden Rudnik". Their capacity consists of 80 car spaces. The realization of the project is part of measures for creating better infrastructure and city environment.

One of the compartments is built within an area on "Konstantin Petkanov" Str. It has 30 parking spaces for vehicles and has already been helping with traffic congestions within the region. Better conditions for pedestrians have also come out as a result of the reconstruction of the area. The other new parking lot is situated in the region around Apartment buildings 29, 30 and 31. It consists of 50 parking places and has finally put to sleep a years-long parking problem in the area. Up until now the area was vacant which is why The Municipality of Burgas decided to use it for something rational in order to facilitate the people living in the area. The parking lot has lightning, the inquired equipment has been put up, which will make the right aligning of the cars easier. The parking lot's fugitives are designed to be as convenient as possible for the drivers and a new pavement has been built.



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