Visit the lecture "Lazarovden - Tradition and modernity" on 13th April at the Ethnographic Museum

Wednesday, 10 April 2019
Posted by: Radostin Rachev

On the penultimate Saturday before Easter, Orthodox Christians celebrate Lazarovden. In 2019, the holiday will be celebrated on the 20th April. This is one of the most cheerful, the most poetic and the most popular Bulgarian customs.

On Lazarovden, the young girls sing "Otvori chemshir porti, nevyastooo, che da vlyazat lazarki!". They put wicked clothes, tie wreath out of a willow branch and walk around the village. In Burgas, due to the presence of several ethnographic groups, the holiday is variable and colorful

How it was celebrated in the past, how and is it being celebrated today, you will find out on April 13th at 11.30 am at the Ethnographic Museum on 69 Slavyanska Str.

The author of the lecture "Lazarovden - Tradition and Contemporarity" is Plamena Kirova - main coordinator of the Ethnography Department at the Museum of Burgas.

The entrance fee for the lecture is at a preferential price of 2 leva per adult, and for students and seniors - only 1 lev.

Translators: Kristian Kolev and Georgi Aleksandrov



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