The Second Stage of the Reparation of Boulevard "Zahari Stoyanov" starts on Monday, April 15

Friday, 12 April 2019
Posted by: Stefan Minchev

On Monday, April 15, the second stage of the reparation of Boulevard "Zahari Stoyanov" which is the main entering point for the many citizens who live in housing estate "Meden Rudnik" will start. Bringing in the temporary organization of traffic will happen after the morning rush hour when people go to work. The second stage of the project includes reparation and rehabilitation of the pavement in one of the road lanes of the section of the crossroad on Boulevard "Zahari Stoyanov" with "Georgi Popayanov" Street next to the crossroad which leads to "Gorno Ezerovo". The voted graphic predicts the project will take 2 weeks. Afterwards there will only be traffic in the left lane and then the machines will move to the other side, working in the opposite direction.

Turning left on the crossroad will be forbidden for the 2 weeks in which the project will be carried out.

From April 15 until the end of the reparation, trolleys T1 and T2 will not function. Instead, Burgasbus will make a bigger schedule for the buses B11 and B12 which have similar routes to the abovementioned trolleys.

The Municipality of Burgas will keep informing you about the next stages of this reparation as well as the possible changes in the course of the process.

Drive carefully! Be cautious of yourself and everyone else on the road.


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