Various concerts and art events await the Burgas citizens on Cvetnica

Wednesday, 17 April 2019
Posted by: Marieta Handzhieva

Various concerts and art events await the Burgas citizens on Cvetnica. The program begins tomorrow with a concert and an exhibition of the schools to NS "Lighthouse 1946" in the gallery "Georgi Baev ". The Exposition is titled "Colorful smiles" and will be opened at 17.00 o'clock. At 11 o'clock on the 19th of April in the park in the "Slaveykov "/to Tenyova House/will start the Spring concert  "Oi, Lazare, Tsvetnitsa ide, Tsvetnitsa ide and Easter and  Georgiovden " organized by NS  "Pencho Slaveykov 1983 ". There will be arranged and creative workshops and bazaar. From 11:30 am at the Ethnographic Museum on St.  "Slavic" 69 will be presented custom lazaration.

On Saturday, at 11:30 am on Lazarovden, the "Ohluva" scene will be opened

Spring concert at pensioners' clubs in Burgas.

At Tsvetnitsa there will be festive manifestations at various points on the city - in the "Aqua Calide", in exposition centre "Flora", on the square. St. Cyril and Methodius, in the village of Izgrev, in the "Meden Rudnik" - in front of the temple "St. Dimiter" and in front of the "Petko Rosen" primary school, as well as in the kindergarten next to the Clock.

In the "Aqua Calide" tourist complex in Vetren will be presented the production of the State Puppet Theater Burgas - "The Egg", and then the children will be able to participate in an art workshop for making a giant basket. The 5th edition of the Easter Magic of the Bulgarian Egg Festival will take place from 10.30 to 13.30 in the exhibition center "Flora". At 10.30 am, the festive events dedicated to the Tsvetnica of St. Cyril and Methodius

There will be children's creative workshops, and FA "Atanas Manchev" - children led by Pavlina Krasteva and Folk Choir "Treptellika" with conductor Pepa Zapryanova will take care of the mood of the guests.

At 12.00 a concert will start with the participation of "Sliven Folk Songs Dances" with Dimitar Dimitrov and PF "Strandzha" under the direction of Mario Egov.

Two concerts will delight the residents of the biggest complex "Meden Rudnik". At 11.00 am in front of the temple "St. Dimitar" will start the feast of FA "Atanas Manchev", DFU "Zvanika" and a bagpipe school headed by Georgi Mironski. The organizer of the event is the "Paisii Hilendarski" 1928 Chitalishte. The concert "Pustra Tsvetnica" will be opened at the "Petko Rosen" Primary School, also with the participation of the folk singer Kostadin Mihailov, Georgi Mironski - bagpipe, Plamen Yanev - accordion, Stoyan Frenchev , "Mladost ", TC" Flame ". The organizer is NS "St. Cyril and Methodius 1985".

At the concert in "Izgrev" from 11.00 am will be attended by alumni of Sofia University "Dobri Chintulov". The organizers are the "Izgrev 1909" Chitalishte and the "P. Slaveykov 1983" Chitalishte. From 13.00 hours in the garden next to the Clock will start the concert of the Burgas Wind Orchestra.





17:00 pm, exposition Gallery "Georgi Baev ", Blvd. "Democracy" 6


 "Colorful smiles"


Concert and exhibition of the schools at NS "Lighthouse 1946"




11:00 am, park in "Slaveykov ", near Tenyova House


"Oi Lazare, Tsvetnitsa ide, Tsvetnica I Velikden I lichen den Gergiovden"


Festive Spring concert with creative workshops and Bazaar


Organizer: NS "Pencho Slaveykov 1983"


11:30 am, ROME-Burgas, Ethnographic Exposition, str. "Slavic" 69




Organizers: ROME-Burgas and students from Burgas




11:30 am, КW "Sea casino ", Open stage "Snail"


Spring Concert of pensioners clubs in Burgas



Tourist complex "Aqua Calide", Vetren


10:30 am "The Egg "-Staging of State puppet theatre-Burgas


11:00 hours Art-and-facts-workshop for young and elderly


Making a giant basket


From 10:30 am to 13:30 pm, Exposition center "Flora-Burgas"


"V" Festival "Easter magic of the Bulgarian egg"


Organizer: Balkan Fest Media with partnership of "Cancer Patients and Friends" Association and Municipality of Burgas


10:30 am, Square "St. Constantine and Helena" St. Cyril and Methodius"


"Flower garden "- Children's creative workshops and concert with the participation of


FA "Atanas Manchev "-Children, with manager Pavlina Krasteva and People's choir "Aspen" with conductor Pepa Damodaran


Organizers: Chitalishte Burgas

11:00 h, "Meden Rudnik", in front of the temple "St. Dimitar"


 "It's Tvsetnica!"-festive concert and creative workshops


Starring: FA "Atanas Manchev ", WFF  "Jingle",


Bagpipe School with head Georgi Mironski


Organizer: NS "Paisii Hilendarski 1928"-Bourgas 11:00 am, K-c  "Meden Rudnik", near the PRIMARY school "Petko Rosen"


 "Motley Palm Sunday"-Festive folklore concert with bazaar and art workshops


Cast: National singer Kostadin Mihaylov, Georgi Mironski-Gaida,


Plamen Yanev-Accordion, Stoyan Frenchev-Tupan, FF,


TS "Youth ", TC "Flame"


Organizer: NS "St. Constantine and Helena" St. 1985 "Cyril and Methodius"


11:00 am, park in BC "Izgrev"


 "Tsvetnica in the Park "-Folklore concert and creative workshops


With the participation of graduates at SOFIA University "Dobri Chintulov"


Organizers: NS "Izgrev 1909" and NS "P. Slaveykov 1983 "-Bourgas

12:00 hours, Square "St. Constantine and Helena" St. Cyril and Methodius"


Festive Concert


With the participation of Ensemble for folk songs and Dances "Sliven"


With manager Dimitar Dimitrov and PFA "Strandja" with head of the event Mario Egov


13:00 hours, the garden next to the Clock


Spring mood with Burgas brass Band


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