Mayor Nikolov insists on the realization of the project for a new road link to Meden Rudnik

Tuesday, 23 April 2019
Posted by: Stefan Minchev

Mayor Dimitar Nikolov submitted a note to be discussed at the next meeting of the local parliament next week. It is for elaboration of detailed development plan, approval of assignment and provision of funds for preparation of pre-investment studies for construction of a new road connection of Meden Rudnik with the rest of the world.

Currently, the transport service of the largest residential complex in Burgas is carried out mainly on Zahari Stoyanov Blvd., which is currently being renovated and this further hampers the traffic on it. The alternative route is complicated but feasible. The Municipality of Burgas has already identified its beginning and end. The middle part is the most difficult, that is why urgent pre-investment studies are needed.


The starting and final point of the planned new route will be two crossroads, and it is yet to be decided what kind it is best for them to be. The first one is situated in the extension area of ​​"Alexander Georgiev Kodjakafaliyata" Street after "Bikata" and before the purifying station of "Meden Rudnik". The second crossroad is at the connection of the potential route with the Republican road I-9 - on the way to Sozopol, shortly before Lukoil gas station. In order to establish the connection between the two intersections, it will be necessary to cross the water areas.

The construction of a new road link in the coming years is also due to the forthcoming additional utilization of the non-built terrains at the entrance of Meden Rudnik, through the creation of a new industrial zone. There will be new jobs, more traveling people, and first thought of quality service infrastructure.



The identified terrain for the new road is mostly flat, with altitude close to sea level. It is suitable for running the road infrastructure without significant differences in leveling. An important feature is the availability of existing facilities and elements of the technical infrastructure - high-voltage aerial cable lines for electricity transmission, overhead lines, product lines, ducts and water mains. All of them should be scrutinized in one way with their easements and the design decision to be fully in line with them and the regulatory requirements.


According to the scheme of the cultural and historical heritage of the Burgas Master Plan, there are no real cultural assets, archaeological sites and their security zones. The route does not pass through protected areas or areas with special conservation status.


The territory, which is the subject of research and design, covers land plots mainly outside the construction boundaries of Burgas, in the territory south of the city of Burgas. "Meden Rudnik", Industrial Zone "Yug" and Republican Road I-9 "DURANKULAK Border Checkpoint - Burgas - MALKO TARNOVO Border Point".

Translated by: Kristian Kolev


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