The world famous string quartet BOND performing in Burgas

Wednesday, 24 April 2019
Posted by: Dimitar Shishmanov

The most successful string quartet of all time BOND will perform at the Summer Theater in Burgas on the occasion of its 20th anniversary on the stage.

The musical performance will take place on July 11 at 20:30 pm. The audience will have the opportunity to listen to the live music of Tanya Davis (first violin), Eos Chatter (second violin), Elspe Henson (violin) and Guy-Westerhof (cello), who will present a breathtaking crossover show prepared specially for the anniversary. It will include the best of their magnificent music.

The name BOND does not need to be introducted. Since the birth of the band is in 2000, they have attracted tremendous attention to themselves because of the unprecedented interpretations of classical music up to now, mixed with contemporary pop and dance music. Since then, they have become the emblem and pioneers of the crossover flow. With millions of sales, BOND earns the title of the most successful and well-sold string quartet of all time.

Tickets for the concert of BOND in Bourgas on July 11 can be found in the ticket office of the NHK, the state opera house - Bourgas, OMV, the network of Iventim andonline from

Translated by: Kristian Kolev


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